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Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional starch engineering corporation in China. Depending on the unique advantage and strong strength of Henan University of Technology, ZZJH combines scientific research, machine manufacturing and trade as a whole, mainly engaged in the works of factory layout, technology design, complete equipment manufacturing and commissioning and new product developing etc. to all kinds starch processing industries.


Recommended Products

  • Airflow dryer

    Airflow dryer

    The moisture of starch is very stable, and varied 12.5%-13.5% by automatic control which can control the moisture of st
  • Crusher


    Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Crusher is newly designed with compact structure, easy disassembly and low maintenance cost.
  • Centrifugal Sieve

    Centrifugal Sieve

    Centrifugal Sieve is used to separate the fine fiber from the starch slurry, which is widely used in the processing of p
  • Flour sifter

    Flour sifter

    Zhengzhou Jinghua flour sifter is widely used for sieving dry starch before starch packing in corn starch, cassava starc
  • Vacuum filter

    Vacuum filter

    Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Vacuum filter combines the latest technology and years experience into a whole, which is wide
  • Hydrocyclone


    ZZJH Starch hydro cyclone is used to each kind of starch and modified starch emulsion degreasing, fine slag separation,
  • Rotary washer

    Rotary washer

    Rotary drum washer is applied to wash potatoes, cassavas, sweet potatoes and etc. Rotary washer is the washing section m
  • Rasper


    All parts in contact with raw material are made of food-grade stainless steel, which protects materials from outer pollu
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    Corn starch processing line

    Purchased corn is sent to corn silo to storage after preliminary cleaning. After cleaning and measuring, corn in silo is sent to soaking section.

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    Cassava starch processing line

    Cassava been feed into raw material silo by loader. Then cassava will fall on belt conveyor uniformly by means of vibration device below silo. After that cassava will passing through two stages of cleaning devices dry sieve and washing slot.